poisons, poisoning, poisoned
1) N-MASS Poison is a substance that harms or kills people or animals if they swallow it or absorb it.

Poison from the weaver fish causes paralysis, swelling, and nausea...

Mercury is a known poison.

2) VERB If someone poisons another person, they kill the person or make them ill by giving them poison.

[V n] The rumours that she had poisoned him could never be proved.

Derived words:
poisoning N-UNCOUNT

She was sentenced to twenty years' imprisonment for poisoning and attempted murder.

3) VERB If you are poisoned by a substance, it makes you very ill and sometimes kills you.

[be V-ed by n] Employees were taken to hospital yesterday after being poisoned by fumes...

[V n] Toxic waste could endanger lives and poison fish.

Derived words:
poisoning N-UNCOUNT supp N

...acute alcohol poisoning...

His illness was initially diagnosed as food poisoning.

4) VERB If someone poisons a food, drink, or weapon, they add poison to it so that it can be used to kill someone.

[V n] If I was your wife I would poison your coffee.

Derived words:
poisoned ADJ

He was terrified to eat, suspecting that the food was poisoned.

...an umbrella tipped with a poisoned dart.

5) VERB To poison water, air, or land means to damage it with harmful substances such as chemicals.

[V n] ...the textile and fibre industries that taint the air, poison the water and use vast amounts of natural resources...

[V n] The land has been completely poisoned by chemicals.

[V-ed] ...dying forests, poisoned rivers and lakes.

6) VERB Something that poisons a good situation or relationship spoils it or destroys it.

[be V-ed] The whole atmosphere has really been poisoned.

[V n] ...ill-feeling that will poison further talk of a common foreign policy.

7) PHRASE: V inflects, usu PHR against n If someone poisons your mind against another person, they make you dislike that person, usually by telling you things that are not true.

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